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Few things are more stressful than receiving a notice from the IRS for a tax lien, audit or unpaid taxes.

You are not alone if you are facing tax or financial challenges. We can help.

We review your situation and file the necessary paperwork. We use our expert knowledge of tax laws to make sure you are in compliance.

  • Received a letter from the IRS and need advice to respond?
  • Owe back taxes? _
  • Have not filed an income tax return in years and looking to get things back on track?
  • Call Us Today! (718) 949-5181. The Tax & Accounting Professionals at E.G. Edwards & Associates, Inc., have you covered.

  • We work to make sure you are in compliance
  • We work to make sure your interests are represented and you receive the maximum benefits allowable by law.
  • And, we don’t just stop there. Our expert advisors then work with you to execute a long-term strategy to keep you in compliance and moving forward.

    Call us today for your free initial consultation. (718) 949-5181.

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  • Tax Audits
  • Past Tax Challenges, including IRS Liens, Levies & Assessments
  • Representation at IRS examinations
  • Personal & Business Tax Compliance Issues
  • Personal Financial Statements

  • Have A Question?

    Call Us Today.
    Our expert advisors can assist with your income tax preparation, accounting or business development needs.

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