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We are experts when it comes to filing Income Tax Returns for Individuals, Churches, Not-For-Profits, Start-Ups and Businesses.

Tax laws are complicated. What appears to be a simple tax return can turn into a problem. We use our expertise and experience to make sure you are receiving the full credits entitled under the law.

Tax codes provide strict guidelines and rules that must met when it comes to taxation. The IRS updates the rules from year-to-year.

The tax professionals E.G. Edwards & Associates, Inc., double check your Income Tax Return for compliance. And we review the laws and regulations to ensure you are receiving the full Income Tax Return under the law.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We put our clients first offering a variety of services to fit their unique individual needs.

  • Need to file your income taxes?
  • Received a letter from the IRS and need advice to respond?
  • Owe back taxes?
  • Have not filed an income tax return in years and looking to get things back on track?
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    We have your Income Tax Return needs covered at E.G. Edwards & Associates, Inc.

  • We work to make sure you are in compliance

  • We work to make sure you receive the full tax returns and benefits allowable by law

    And, we don’t just stop there. Our expert advisors then work with you to execute a long-term strategy to manage your tax needs.

    Call us today for your free initial consultation. (718) 949-5181.

  • tips  to file income tax returns

  • Individual Tax Returns, including schedules and attachments (IRS Form 1040)

  • Head of Household, including schedules and attachments (IRS Form 1040)
  • C-Corporations (IRS Form 1120)

  • S-Corporations (IRS Form 1120S)

  • Limited Liabilty Corporation (LLC)

  • Limited Liabilty Partnership (LLP)

  • NonProfits (IRS Form 1041)

  • Estates & Trusts Fiduciary (IRS Form 1041)

  • Out-Of-Town. Non-residents and part-year residents, including schedules and attachments (All states)

  • Filing of Quarterly Taxes

  • Out-Of-State Income Tax Preparation

    Things never stay to same. Life continues to move.

    Since 1985, we have delivered top-notch services to the greater New York City area.

    But we also continue to provide top-notch income tax preparation and small business accounting services to our clients who have moved out of New York State due to job opportunities, retirement and family commitments.

    Call us today for a free consultation if you are on the move. (718) 949-5181.

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